Our Products

The following produce is what we are expecting to harvest this year! For more information about the diverse varieties of each item we will be growing, please visit "Our Variety" page.


Sweet Corn                                                                         

Tomatoes                                                                           Tomatillos

Hot Peppers & Sweet Peppers                                         Eggplants                                           

Winter Squash & Summer Squash                                    Cabbage

Broccoli                                                                               Cauliflower

Radishes                                                                            Green Beans

Snap Peas & Snow Peas                                                   Cucumbers

Onions & Leeks                                                                 Carrots

Okra                                                                                   Beets

Celeriac                                                                              Turnips

Swiss Chard                                                                        Potatoes

Garlic                                                                                 Sweet Potatoes                                                        

Greens & Leafy Crops: Lettuces, Arugula, Mesculun Mix, Kale, Baby Pak Choy, Celery & Spinach

Fresh Herbs:

Rosemary, Oregano, Sage, Sweet Basil, Flat Leaf Italian Parlsey, Cilantro, Summer Savory, Dill, Chives, Genovese & Sweet Marjoram



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